AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

Learn to leverage the power of AWS to deliver cloud-based solutions

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

This course will advance your knowledge of AWS architecture. It will also prepare you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam.


AWS Certification demonstrates technical expertise, helps you advance your career, and helps employers find skilled cloud professionals.

Our 3 day course covers specific AWS Cloud Services, necessary for passing the exam and being able to architect on AWS. The course also covers topics of security, risk and compliance, and architecture best practices. Further, with the help of video demonstrations, our course will help you build a solid base and understanding of exactly how to build and deploy applications of the AWS platform.

This course was designed by AWS Certified Solution Architects

Topics Covered

  1. AWS solutions Architect Associate Review
  2. Ensuring Business Continuity
  3. Cost Optimization
  4. Network Design
  5. Data Storage & Preservation
  6. AWS Databases & Database Migration Service
  7. Cloud Deployment Management
  8. Cloud Migration & Hybrid Architecture
  9. Scalability and Elasticity
  10. Security and Monitoring


  1. AWS VPN, DirectConnect, DirectConnect GW and Transit Gateway (Theoretical only)
  2. Setting up HPC (High Performance Compute) Cluster in AWS (Hands on in AWS Environment)
  3. Database Migration Service (Hands on in AWS Environment)

What you will get in our bootcamp:

  • 3 full days training
  • Printed study material
  • Printed lab manual with 30 Labs
  • 30 in Class step by step Demos in AWS Environment for all 30 Labs from Lab Manual
  • Students will work on 3 Projects on 3rd Day
  • Snacks available all day. Breakfast, Lunch will be provided
  • Access to online mock exam
  • Take certification exam onsite on third day (recommended).

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

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