Azure Administration Associate – AZ-104

Learn to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to deliver cloud-based solutions

This course will prepare you to manage cloud services based in storage, security, networking, and compute cloud capabilities. Candidates will have a deep understanding of each service across the full IT lifecycle, and be able to take requests for infrastructure services, applications, and environments. They will be able to make recommendations on services to use for optimal performance and scale, as well as provision, size, monitor, and adjust resources as appropriate. End goal is to prepare you for Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 exam.

The 3 days bootcamp will cover the course outlined by Microsoft Azure standards. Our 3 days, in-class, instructor led bootcamp will cover the complete syllabus as prescribed by Microsoft along with preparing you for the Certification Exam. There will be opportunity for in-depth class discussion. Labs and demos will be included as part of the Course.

Materials are based directly on that which Microsoft recommends for this course.

Topics Covered:

Manage Azure identities and governance

  • Manage Azure AD objects
  • Manage role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Manage subscriptions and governance

Implement and manage storage

  • Manage storage accounts
  • Manage data in Azure Storage
  • Configure Azure files and Azure blob storage

Deploy and manage Azure compute resources

  • Configure VMs for high availability and scalability
  • Automate deployment and configuration of VMs
  • Create and configure VMs
  • Create and configure containers
  • Create and configure Web Apps

Configure and manage virtual networking

  • Implement and manage virtual networking
  • Configure name resolution
  • Secure access to virtual networks
  • Configure load balancing
  • Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking

Monitor and back up Azure resources

  • Monitor resources by using Azure Monitor
  • Implement backup and recovery

What you will Get in Bootcamp:

  • 3 days in class training by certified instructor
  • Printed Study Material
  • Lab Manual
  • Access to mock Exam
  • Labs Practice
  • Snacks available all day
  • Breakfast and Lunch of your choice will be provided all three days
  • Exam Voucher
  • Take Certification Exam whenever you want at our center
  • Class Completion Certificate