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For data center network administrators who want to save time and money on data center design, equipment installation, and maintenance, the Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center (CCNA Data Center) certification is a job-role-focused training and certification program that allows you to maximize your investment in your education and increase the value of your data center network.

Because of our experience with our existing certification and education programs and leadership in providing data center solutions, Cisco can provide a comprehensive program to address the key areas of data center network design, implementation, and maintenance.

The topics covered are as follows:

  1. Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking
  2. Describe How a Network Works
  3. Configure, Verify and Troubleshoot a Switch with VLANs and Interswitch Communications Using Nexus
  4. Implement an IP Addressing Scheme and IP Services to Meet Network Requirements in a Medium-Size Enterprise Branch Office Network Using Nexus
  5. Configure, Verify, and Troubleshoot Basic Router Operation and Routing on Cisco Devices Using Nexus

The topics covered are as follows:

  1. Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
  2. Cisco Data Center Fundamentals Concepts
  3. Data Center Unified Fabric
  4. Storage Networking
  5. DC Virtualization
  6. Unified Computing
  7. Data Center Network Services

What you will get in our training sessions:

  • 35 hours of top quality lectures, demonstrations and illustrations by our CCIE certified Trainer with four years of university teaching and 10+ industry experience.
  • Actual Hands-on lab exercise, Practice labs on real routers and firewalls.
  • CCNA student training material in the form of a PDF. For chapter sample click here.
  • Student lab manual with full solution in the form of a PDF. For lab sample click here(add a link here to resources page)
  • Prescriptive tests which focus on latest CCNA exam.

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