Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineer

Learn to leverage the power of Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineer to deliver solutions

PCNSE10: Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineer

The Firewall 9.0 Essentials: Configuration and Management (EDU-210) course will help you to understand how to:

  • Configure and manage the essential features of Palo Alto Networks® Next Generation firewalls
  • Configure and manage Global Protect to protect systems that are located outside of the data center perimeter
  • Configure and manage firewall high availability
  • Monitor network traffic using the interactive WebUI and firewall reports


EDU-210 (PCNSE10) Intended Audience:

This course is designed for:

  • Security Engineers
  • Security Administrators
  • Network Engineers

This course assumes a working knowledge of:

  • Routing/switching
  • IP addressing
  • Basic security concepts

Course Outline (Palo Alto Official Curriculum):

  • Module 1: Next-Generation Security Platform and Architecture
  • Module 2: Initial Configuration
  • Module 1: Palo Alto Networks Portfolio and Architecture
  • Module 2: Configuring Initial Firewall Settings
  • Module 3: Managing Firewall Configurations
  • Module 4: Managing Firewall Administrator Accounts
  • Module 5: Connecting the Firewall to Production Networks with Security Zones
  • Module 6: Creating and Managing Security Policy Rules
  • Module 7: Creating and Managing NAT Policy Rules
  • Module 8: Controlling Application Usage with App-ID
  • Module 9: Blocking Known Threats Using Security Profiles
  • Module 10: Blocking Inappropriate Web Traffic with URL Filtering
  • Module 11: Blocking Unknown Threats with WildFire
  • Module 12: Controlling Access to Network Resources with User-ID
  • Module 13: Using Decryption to Block Threats in Encrypted Traffic
  • Module 14: Locating Valuable Information Using Logs and Reports
  • Module 15: What’s Next in Your Training and Certification Journey
  • Appendix A – Securing Endpoints with GlobalProtect
  • Appendix B – Providing Firewall Redundancy with High Availability
  • Appendix C – Connecting Remote Sites using VPNs
  • Appendix D – Configuring User-ID Windows Agent

What you will get in our Bootcamp:

  • 3 full days in class training by certified instructor
  • Printed study material
  • Printed lab manual with 13 Labs
  • Access to Virtual Lab Environment for hands on practice for 4 Months
  • Access to online mock exam
  • Snacks available all day
  • Breakfast and Lunch of your choice will be provided on both days
  • Take Certification Exam whenever you want at our center
  • Class Completion Certificate