PCEP | Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification

Learn to leverage the power of PCEP | Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification to deliver solutions

Why you should learn Python in 2020

Python is the No.1 fastest-growing major programming language with 151% year-over-year growth, and this trend will doubtlessly continue in the next coming decade. Due to its swiss army knife-like-multipurpose nature you can do many things after learning Python. Python developers are one of the highest-paid developers, particularly in Data Science, Machine learning, and web development. On average, you can earn ranging from 70,000 USD to 150,000 USD depending upon your experience, location, and domain. Moreover, industry leaders like YouTube, Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, NASA, and Netflix are make extensive use of this language.


Who should take this course:

Whether you are an absolute beginner, a student or a working professional with experience in other programming languages, this bootcamp is for you. Our 2 days, in-class instructor led bootcamp will cover the complete syllabus as prescribed by the Python Institute along with preparing you for the Certification Exam.


Topics Covered:

Exam block #1: Basic Concepts (17%)

  • Interpreter vs compiler, keywords, indentation, language different elements lexis, semantic and syntax
  • Literals: Boolean, integer, floating-point numbers, scientific notation, strings
  • Input, output function
  • Single line vs multiline comments
  • Operators (arithmetic, string)
  • Assignment and Shortcuts operator

Exam block #2: Data Types, Evaluations, and Basic I/O Operations (20%)

  • Operators: unary and binary, priorities and binding, bitwise operators: ~ & ^ | << >>
  • Boolean operators: not and or, Boolean expressions
  • Comparison operators ( == != > >= < <= ), building complex Boolean expressions
  • Accuracy of floating-point numbers
  • Basic input and output operations using the input(), print(), int(), float(), str(), len() functions and formatting print() output with end= and sep= arguments
  • Type casting
  • Basic calculations
  • Simple strings: constructing, assigning, indexing, immutability

Exam block #3: Flow Control – loops and conditional blocks (20%)

  • Conditional statements: if, if-else, if-elif, if-elif-else
  • Multiple conditional statements
  • The pass instruction
  • Simple Loops: while, for, range(), in
  • Iterating through sequences
  • Expanding loops: while-else, for-else
  • Nested loops and conditional statements
  • Controlling loop execution: break, continue

Exam block #4: Data Collections – Lists, Tuples, and Dictionaries (23%)

  • Simple lists: constructing vectors, indexing and slicing, the len() function
  • lists in detail: indexing, slicing, basic methods (append(), insert(), index()) and functions (len(), sorted(), etc.), del instruction, iterating lists with the for loop, initializing, in and not in operators, list comprehension, copying and cloning
  • Lists in lists: matrices and cubes
  • Tuples: indexing, slicing, building, immutability
  • Tuples vs. lists: similarities and differences, lists inside tuples and tuples inside lists
  • Dictionaries: building, indexing, adding and removing keys, iterating through dictionaries as well as their keys and values, checking key existence, keys(), items() and values() methods
  • Strings in detail: escaping using the \ character, quotes and apostrophes inside strings, multiline strings, basic string functions.

Exam block #5: Functions (20%)

  • Defining and invoking your own functions and generators
  • return and yield keywords, returning results, None keyword
  • How recursion works
  • Difference between parameters and arguments,
  • Positional keyword and mixed argument passing, default parameter values
  • Converting generator objects into lists using the list() function
  • Name scopes, name hiding (shadowing), the global keyword

What you will get in our Bootcamp:

  • 2 full days in class training by certified instructor
  • Printed study material
  • Printed lab manual
  • Access to online mock exam
  • Snacks available all day
  • Breakfast and Lunch of your choice will be provided on both days
  • Exam voucher included
  • Take Certification Exam whenever you want
  • Class Completion Certificate