Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Learn to leverage the power of Google Associate Cloud Engineer to deliver cloud-based solutions

Google Associate Cloud Engineers advise the business on requirements for secure, scalable, and reliable Cloud solutions.

The 2 days bootcamp will cover the course outlined by Google. Our 2 days, in-class, instructor led bootcamp will cover the complete syllabus as prescribed by Google along with preparing you for the Certification Exam. Throughout the course you will have access to an experienced instructor to help you along your journey.


Topics Covered:

Setting up a cloud solution environment

  • Setting up cloud projects and accounts.
  • Managing billing configuration.
  • Installing and configuring the command line interface (CLI), specifically the Cloud SDK

(e.g., setting the default project).

Planning and configuring a cloud solution

  • Planning and estimating GCP product use using the Pricing Calculator
  • Planning and configuring compute resources.
  • Planning and configuring data storage options.
  • Planning and configuring network resources.

Deploying and implementing a cloud solution

  • Deploying and implementing Compute Engine resources.
  • Deploying and implementing Google Kubernetes Engine resources.
  • Deploying and implementing App Engine, Cloud Run, and Cloud Functions resources
  • Deploying and implementing data solutions.
  • Deploying and implementing networking resources.
  • Deploying a solution using Cloud Marketplace.
  • Deploying application infrastructure using Cloud Deployment Manager.

Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution

  • Managing Compute Engine resources.
  • Managing Google Kubernetes Engine resources.
  • Managing App Engine and Cloud Run resources.
  • Managing storage and database solutions.
  • Managing networking resources.
  • Monitoring and logging.

Configuring access and security

  • Managing identity and access management (IAM).
  • Managing service accounts.
  • Viewing audit logs for project and managed services.


What you will Get in Bootcamp:

  • 2 days in class training by certified instructor
  • Printed Study Material
  • Lab Manual
  • Access to mock Exam
  • Labs Practice
  • Snacks available all day
  • Breakfast and Lunch of your choice will be provided on both days
  • Exam Voucher
  • Take Certification Exam whenever you want at our center
  • Class Completion Certificate